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The best marketing doesn't feel like marketing

Thus, our main mission is to build relationships between people and brands

What happens if no one finds out about your product anymore?

Life on earth will still exist. People will still experience ups and downs. Glaciers will continue to melt

What does it mean for you? Doesn't the world need your product?

Nope, it doesn't...Sorry Brands are not born because demand exists, strong brands сreate the demand

Solus is a team of marketing professionals that will help you to find the right audience and use the right funnels in order to find those, for whom your project will become world-changing. We are not aiming to sell, we are aiming to build relationships, that matters

We could help you achieve practically anything, but not everything

Product Strategy

Everything begins with the strategy, but while working with the Solus team, this process never ends. Over the years of working with dozens of projects, we experienced tons of ups and downs that taught us to anticipate practically all the zigzags that can await projects seeking to conquer the market. But the ability to anticipate did not take away our skills to act situationally and quickly, when nothing is clear Strategic thinking + tactical actions + situational actions Here is how the strategy of winners is born

ABM & PBM campaigns

The most common challenge of almost any project, the average receipt of which is higher than average monthly income, is a narrow target audience. 1000 potential leads world wide sound like a change Recent years have become thought changing for us. Our process of working with high value leads survived its revolution. We stop considering them as simple passers-by the conversion funnel, while starting to treat them like the partners in the project development. Our previous expertise and flexibility allows us to quickly adapt our tool set to our new reality and carry our views in the world by attracting “fat leads” to out clients and providing them with gorgeous ROI.

Lead Generation

Knowing where your audience lives is key. Using market researching techniques in combination with our brainstorm sessions, we are going to identify on which platforms your audience is concentrated and define the most efficient ways that expand the area of influence of your project, while ensuring the best performance metrics Actually, we had been fortunate enough in order to work with almost every platform from Medium to TikTok. In some cases it was a one-time experience, in others it took ages to explore all the possibilities of the platforms. With such a background we can arrange a meeting of your product with your target audience in the way the match will happen.

Investment Relationships

In the world of fintech where investors are being pitched by dozens of projects on a daily basis, we are going to maximize the likelihood of your project becoming a part of the investment portfolio of the desired investor The scaling of our team began when we got acquainted with the founders of the blockchain startup, which was looking for investment. Since we raised $500,000 round in a three month without any IR experience at all, we have gained expertise and helped dozens of projects to make their rounds closed But still we consider IR to be out totem skill that catalyze our growth and growth of the projects we admire working with

We specialize in working with

Fintech projects

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